Dr. Thomas W. Graham DVM, MPVM, PhD
Director, President & CEO

Dr. Corrie Brown DVM, PhD

Dr. Julia Hunt Williamson DVM

Dr. William Sischo, DVM MPVM PhD

Joan Zerkovich
Director, Treasurer


Based in the United States:

Veterinarians Without Borders advances human health and livelihoods in underserved areas by sustainably improving veterinary care and animal husbandry, working toward preventing, controlling and eliminating priority diseases.

Our Vision: Enhance human and animal health and create a secure, diverse, and healthy food supply for all the world’s people.

Our Objectives:
(1) to be excellent teachers of veterinary service and care measured by our ability to communicate and transfer knowledge that results in the enhancement of veterinary skills in underserved areas;
(2) to be a leading non-profit organization by building global and local capacity in high quality veterinary education, service and care;
(3) to develop and strengthen value chains for the producer and veterinary care providers that improves animal and human health as well as  economic growth;